Monday, April 27, 2009


-My friend's mother is admitted to the hospital .They stay in a remote place and the doctors said she had to be taken to a bigger hospital for the treatment which was 250 kms away. They had to hire a private vehicle to take her to the bigger hospital.But none of the private vehicles wee available due to elections !!!! Who will take care of such situations ??

-Roads were jammed yesterday near Thane due to some leader's Sabha (Meeting) going on .What if a patient had to be taken to hospital ?? God knows how they would have reached ?? who would be held responsible for such chaos?

I prayed for my friend's mother .Not sure if god heard my prayers. She could withstand for another day and then when the elections were over she was taken to the bigger hospital !!

Elections are important ,but important than life !!!???

I think the candidate who is standing for elections should do something before the elections ,proove himself and then ask for vote !! At least we wouldn't have to such rely on our hopes that he will fullfill his promises !!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To be or Not to be Confused...

Dont ever be so confused that you make others confused and others get so confused that they are confused about whether they are confused or you are confused ...

On my two wheeler today ,with my ipod earphone plugged it and a slow song playing and synching along with the cool breeze flowing into me ..i see this guy who sees me and my big black Kinetic -TN 6287 coming and right in middle of the road he dodges ,he goes left,he goes right and then i put my breaks and he points at me and then i tell him in a loud voice " If you are so confused where to go what can i do ! " .He walks away with his laptop bag to ther other side of road to catch an auto. He had confused looks and in all his confusion i would have hit him today which i have not done in last 8-9 years of driving .What a good track record i must say and

Monday, June 16, 2008

Magic Pearls...

Yes,Magic Pearls thats what they call it .Its there all over the streets of Bangalore now a days .nd from an onlooker and i turned to buyer of these Magic pearls yesterday evening @ Jayanagar 4th block . They are quite amazing :) . You get a packet of these pearl like things in small packaget for Rs 10 in different colors ,you have to put these small things in water and wait for 45 minutes or so to see them grown into transparent magic balls .They are king of Jelly *Ewwwww ,i dont like that texture of jelly !!* ..
But then these chota magic perals look beautiful in a glass bowl .. reminds me of those cod liver oil tablets we used to eat when we were small. I picked up the white colored ones ...
Good subject for photography :) ! below pic is a proof of that ..

Its good to play with these things ..nice ..planning to get them to office tom :) !